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  • José Torre

    José Torre

    Designer. Working at Shopify by day. Being Halfool on Youtube & Instagram by night.

  • Anna Youngs

    Anna Youngs

    Product Design Manager @ Novoda

  • Sandra Pallier

    Sandra Pallier

    Designer & co-organiser of Tiny handwriting, likes writing letters and doing dishes.

  • Steve Dennis

    Steve Dennis

    Product Design Lead @ Onfido

  • Beth Rumsey

    Beth Rumsey

  • Tabrez Ahmad

    Tabrez Ahmad

    Graphic Designer, technology lover, overly keen cyclist and lover of slow Russian cinema.

  • Luis Ouriach

    Luis Ouriach

    Design and community @FigmaDesign, newsletter writer, co-host @thenoisepod, creator of @8pxmag. Sarcastic.

  • Triangirls


    Not your average women in tech community

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